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Rewards Hunter

i’m not able to withdrawal my money from the app. I submitted three tickets , can i get some type of help please?

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Re: Withdrawl

Rewards Hunter

I’m having the same issues withdrawing my money I don’t know how else to ask for help because they haven’t even done anything yet with my tickets it’s ridiculous that they can’t even fix the problem I want the 1-800 number so I can call but it doesn’t seem to have one and it’s kind of stupid that they can’t help us 


Re: Withdrawl

Deal Expert

@TylerFall @msolis936 

It's unfortunate you can't withdraw your funds and apparently you are not the only app users encountering this issue. 

Ibotta customer service doesn't have a 800 number at best the only thing you can do is open a trouble ticket detailing your issue and tag community manager @LaraL she might be able to better assist.

To the best of my knowledge to rectifie withdrawal issue do the following 

  • Clear cache 
  • Verify account 
  • Verify your information 
  • Wait 72 hours
  • Make sure you have minimum balance to withdrawal $20.00
  • Make sure account isn't locked
  • Submit a trouble ticket 

This isn't an all inclusive list or procedure other app users may provide additional suggestions. 

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Re: Withdrawl

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@TylerFall your account is in fact locked, although I'm not sure why. You'll want to wait until you hear back from your ticket.

@msolis936 looks like your account was unlocked this morning.