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Re: CVS: Penetrex Joint and Muscle


I don't often use % off coupons unless I recoup my cash in rebates.  But, I've done it some and seen others do it quite often.  Most of the time, the % off coupons stack together just fine.  The order coupons will come off is key.  First, all manufacturer coupons, ecbs, and crts will come off and then the 40%, then the 20% will come off of that last total. Lately, the % coupons have been working on the highest priced non sale item in a transaction, but I still always do it separately so that the one item is the only oop I have to pay.


The crts that are harder to stack are threshold crts.  Say you have a $4/$18 hair care and a $3/$12 pantene, you'd have to have at least $12 in pantene and then an additional $18 in hair care. 

Re: CVS: Penetrex Joint and Muscle

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@Tikiki Hey, hey! Sorry, just seeing this.

Yes, you can use them all, but I would save the $2 ECB because that will come off before your % off discounts.

That’s what I did: $6 digital coupon, 32% off purchase, 20% off one item.

If you go to a cashier vs. self checkout, you can ask them to show you the screen so you can see what applies. They should not apply your ECBs unless you okay that. To keep that from happening I don’t send them to my card until ready to use.

Be aware that if you buy other non-sale items in the same transaction, the “one item” CRT may apply to something else. I purchased the Penetrex all by itself as did Amy.