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Free School Supplies

Rewards Hunter

I have the Ibotta app already on my phone and then downloaded the extension on my chromebook so why are the deals not showing up on my app to select them and buy them so I can scan the receipt afterwards to earn my FREE supplies. Somebody having the same issues??

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Re: Free School Supplies

Rewards Hunter

Did anyone ever figure it out about how to successfully add items and redeem them as well?  Time is running out.

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Re: Free School Supplies

Deal Master

Assuming the deals are still available, you need to go to and LOG IN!  You can do this on a laptop or on your phone.  But you have to log in with your Ibotta email address and Ibotta password.  You may need to wait for a text or email to verify it is you.

Once you log in, you should get a screen that says the offers will be loaded to your account within an hour.

You can purchase the items at Walmart in-store (the easiest way), through Walmart Pickup&Delivery, Target Online, through HEB and through Shipt.

Be sure to link your Ibotta with Walmart Pickup&Delivery or Target Online before making your purchase.  I don't use HEB or Shipt, so I don't know the procedure for this.