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Got a 'little cheat' at Kroger!

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Haw haw haw! 😸🐵😆😃! I went to the closeout section of the last Kroger I went to as I just about always do & noticed a handful of Honey Stinger nut and seed bars marked down to $1.49. I checked my Ibotta app and found it was 1 of those yucky and obnoxious 'must buy 2' for $2.49. I hadn't claimed the offer but quickly fixed that, then after all the proceedings I got credited $2.49 for a just more than $3 spend

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Re: Got a 'little cheat' at Kroger!

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@RCKCreatEnt  Clearance finds are my all-time favorite!

Re: Got a 'little cheat' at Kroger!

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@RCKCreatEnt @FelskyNY 

Yes! Even better?
Clearance + IR + PQ/DQ!

Happens at Kroger, Target and WM occasionally. Lately I’ve “cleaned up”  on cosmetics using the above strategy getting many items FAS or as MMs!! 🥳

Re: Got a 'little cheat' at Kroger!

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@Tikiki closeout sections in Kroger (or Fry's in your case) are the best; Target is often 2nd-3rd tier for me in cash back app shopping and I've yet to find compelling stuff in their closeout sections.  Ditto Walmart, but many times I just couldn't pass on their 'quick-sell' baked goods, especially mini-pies and flaky pastries filled with either fruit compote or cheese and spinach