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Got my turkey...and thanks too!

Skilled Saver

I was lucky enough to find all my free Thanksgiving sides offers at Walmart, don't have a breakdown, but it was a small MM. I didn't have the free turkey, but I shared my referral code multiple times a day, and finally got a 'friend' to sign up. For some reason or the other, I think ibotta was my 'friend'. Anyway, I kept the turkey, soda, and the frozen vegetables,  and gave everything else along with a few other ibotta freebies to my next door neighbor who is having a hard time. She was super thrilled, as am I to have put a smile on someone's face. All this was possible because of ibotta, and all the contributions from the very generous members of this forum! Thank you ibotta,  and all of you on here too!

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Re: Got my turkey...and thanks too!

Skilled Saver


You will continue to be BLESSED by BLESSING others! 🙏❤