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Kroger 10-9

Super Saver

Here were my deals today:

Sheila G Brownie Brittle - (I crush up in my vanilla yogurt in the morning for crunchy texture) - 3.49 - 1 Ibotta - 1.50 dc - 1 KCB (yes, I was surprised to get both from Kroger) = .01 mm

Nando Peri-Peri Sauce - 3.99 - 2 Ibotta - 2 KCB = .01 mm

Bear Naked Oatmeal Cup - 2.49 - .75 Ibotta - .75 KCB = .99 

Blake Nuts & Seeds 5 ct - 7.99 - 2 Ibotta - 2 KCB = 3.99

Fage Yogurt - 1 - .25 KCB = .75

2 Airwick Oil Refill with Bonus Warmer - 3.49 - 1 Ibotta - 1.75 coupon = .74 each

Bic Disposable Razors 12 ct - 2.99 - 1.50 dc - 1.49

Schick Touch Up Razors 3 ct - 3.99 - 3 dc = .99

Mt Dew Thrashed Apple 20 oz - 1.99 - 1.99 dc = FREE

Coke Zero Sugar 20 oz - 2.09 - 1 dc = 1.09

2 Cottonelle 12 mega rolls - 12.99 each but got back $6 KCB by purchasing $25 on a single receipt. So like paying 9.99 each.

I had 2 coupons but didn’t want to mess up the KCB offer. My coupons are good until the end of the month, and I can use them on the 6 roll pkg for 6.49. 

I only did 6 Ibotta Offers which leaves me 18 to complete CCB and I got $12 KCB. Now, I wait to see if I get a MW tomorrow morning. I already started a list for Walmart that I didn’t pick up on Saturday bc I found better deals in the store or remembered I had a coupon at home. A couple of items had a better offer at Kroger, but I found out today when I went there that they either didn’t sell that item or it was a lot pricier at Kroger - so higher OOP.

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Re: Kroger 10-9

Skilled Saver


The Cottonelle/Kleenex KCB spend $25 get $6 was a good deal. I found the last 24 mega rolls pack for $19.99 and added 6 boxes of Kleenex (6 got me $.50 off each so they were $1.19 each). I'm totally set for paper products for the next year I think! I like these mega rolls as I am the one who has to change the empty one. I didn't have any paper coupons but I have never had with not getting these KCBs. 

I'm planning my shopping for tomorrow too. Will start with getting a Walmart GC after the MWMM comes out. If I don't get a bonus, I'll just get the things that are expiring from Ibotta. I have til 10/19 to finish my 🎃 $10/42. I'm 26 away from completing it.

Re: Kroger 10-9

Core Shopper

Wow, great deals. I wish I lived near a Kroger. Heard it's the best grocery store in our country. The toilet paper deal was interesting. I didn't know that Kroger gave cash back. That deal alone could actually be the beginning of another good deal. I am still new at this but I am learning something new each day just from reading how everyone stacked or shopped. I look forward to reading more of your great deals.

Re: Kroger 10-9

Super Saver


I buy TP so often there, that is always one of my 16 coupons that they mail to me. I started buying TP for my work last year (25 employees) when the néw cleaning guy started buying the cheapest toilet paper. I was getting constant UTI’s and had to use twice as much. I started bringing my own from home, but after I started using Ibotta and I can get credit for an offer, I offered to buy the TP as long as I was reimbursed out of petty cash. Several of the men came and thanked me for getting the good stuff. Lol

Re: Kroger 10-9

Deal Sharer

Thanks for the help.


Re: Kroger 10-9

Deal Sharer

Thanks for the help