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My Thanksgiving freebies and Midweek Bonus Haul.

Skilled Saver

Just got back from the store and finished purchasing my Thanksgiving freebies and Midweek Bonus purchases. This was the easiest bonus to complete. I picked up the following freebies: Birdseye brussel sprouts, Jiffy cornbread, Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, Great Value cranberry sauce, Idoahan roasted garlic mashed potatoes, McCormick turkey gravy, Great Value turkey stuffing and Coca Cola. Thank goodness I went when I did because stock was already being picked through. To complete my midweek bonus, I purchased the Arrowhead Mills 5lb flour, Almond Breeze Almond milk, Serenity Kids puffs, Minute Maid orange juice, Pop Secret popcorn and Zoup Bone Broth. I am donating a few of these things to a neighbor that could use the items more than I can and giving the bone broth to my mom for after a procedure she is having next week. She won't be up for eating so I thought she might like the bone broth instead. This was a fun shopping trip and I hope everyone else enjoys their freebies too.



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Re: My Thanksgiving freebies and Midweek Bonus Haul.

Deal Sharer

What a haul! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻