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Publix morning run 6/20


Ran out to Publix this morning to grab a few deals and not only did I snag the Bai unicorn-I found a few great deals on clearance. I was lucky to pick up a FA job wich made this entire purchase a small MM

Bai $1.99 - $1.99 Ibotta = Free

Chosen Foods Dressing $4.59(sale price)-$1.50 peelie-$2.50 Ibotta  = $0.59

Hellmans $2.87(clearance) - $2 DC - $1 Ibotta - $0.28 Fetch = $0.41 MM

RX Oat cup $1.49(clearance) - $0.75 Ibotta = $0.74

Klondike Minis $6.09 - $6.09 Fetch

And I confess I bought myself a doughnut $0.90 (because this is what happens when you shop before breakfast lol and it’s not in the pic because it didn’t make it home)

Total OOP is $2.29 (with tax)

FA = -$3.00

Total $0.71 MM


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Re: Publix morning run 6/20

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@SaverGirl67  Bai-unicorn (shoutout to @FelskyNY) indeed! I’ve been hunting this freebie for weeks and can’t find it anywhere. Tried Target, Mariano’s and CVS. It’s a holy grail of this impossible treasure hunt! 

Re: Publix morning run 6/20

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Great job