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Today’s (9/23) KA Run

Core Shopper


Today’s KA (Fry’s) Run 

Organic Peet’s Coffee 6.99-1.00DQ-2.00i=3.99
Campbell’s Yes Sipping 1.88x2-.50KCB-1.00i=2.48/2
Campbell’s Yes Power 2.49x2-.75KCB-2.49i=1.74/2
Envive Probiotic 16.99-3.00PQ-7.00KCB-7.00i=.01mm
Core Coconut 🥥 Bar (my fave!) 2.50-1.25KCB-1.25i=FAS
Skintimate Razor 6.49-4.00DQ-2.00i=.49
Schick Hydro Silk Touch 3.99-4.00DQ=.01mm
Budding Meat .69x5-1.00i=2.45
Oroweat Buns (for the cheap Beyond Burgers 🍔 purchased today at Target!) 3.79-1.00i=2.79
I also picked up a quick FA job while in store @FelskyNY  unfortunately not an ES. 
Obviously, the Envive, the Core Bar, the razors and the Silk touch were the best deals. Don’t know how I had 2 $4 DQs… maybe to make up for my lack of a Leaves 🍁 Bonus?!? 😂 
No more shopping for me this weekend, tomorrow the house gets cleaned from top to bottom!


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Re: Today’s (9/23) KA Run

Deal Master

@Tikiki  You sure have been out shopping my friend.  Who needs a bonus!  Great deal on the Envive and the razors.  I actually found the Buddig to be a quick lunch option.  Tasted better than I thought.


Re: Today’s (9/23) KA Run

Super Saver


The ibotta spirit, looks like you picked up a few good deals.  Thanks for posting the details.


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