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Today’s (9/23) Target Run

Core Shopper


NOT PICTURED ABOVE: Beyond Burgers 🍔

Today’s Target 🎯 Run 
Vitacup coffee $17.99-40% TC = $10.80-2 dollar peelie=$8.80 -$3.00i -.10 any pod=$5.70 (I need this skinny coffee after all those Coconut Core bars! 😂)
Siete taco shells $5.99×2 + one sauce $4.99 
=$16.47-$5 off $15-$5.00i-$1.00 Aisle =$5.47 
Beyond Burgers (not pictured) $4.79×3-$3 in PQS -$6 Aisle-$3i-.72 Merryfield = $1.65/3 pkgs!!!
Alive! Vitamin $8.99-35% TC =$5.84 minus- $3.00i=$2.84 (the tablets were cheaper, but I prefer the chewy ones!)
L’Oréal mascara in burgundy! $6.79-20%TC-$3.00PQ-$2.00i= .43
All 16 tubes of toothpaste, since so far CDC is not coming through (I did separate receipts for the items without coupons even), was $4.33 plus tax oop after all Red card, bag discounts, coupons (except for CDC), etc.
If you count my $5 WW bonus (which I received after this run) toward that, I guess that 4.33 is offset.
If CDC ($4) comes through they’d all be .33 plus tax. Not bad considering I didn’t get the gift cards because I refuse to link Target again. The GC deal was only for pickup or shipping.
There were a few deals in the Target app, for example the Colgate Peroxide was 1.69 and had a DQ attached to it making it free (or a 1.00mm after Ibotta) and the Max Fresh was 2.49-5%TC-2.00DQ making it .37. I also had a couple PQs.
I intend upon donating most, if not all of this toothpaste.