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Whole Foods & Winn Dixie trip today 10/15/21

Skilled Saver

I wasn't gonna attempt the Jack O Lantern bonus, just get things here and there that I needed.  But I wound up with a huge WM trip last wk and then this wk with reset offers.  Throw in Target, CVS, Walgreens & Rouses along with about 8 GC purchases, I found myself at 80/140!!   Today I hit Whole Foods & Winn Dixie to bring me up to 97/140.  I can taste the finish line now!!  

Winn Dixie was my weekly grocery run.  I had $15 in points, so I used those to lower my OOP.  I'm just high lighting the Ibotta matches. 

  • Well Yes Soups - $2.79/BOGO Free.  Bought 4 = $5.58.  $0.75 wyb 3 from Ibotta. Net $4.83/4 or 1.20 ish each.
  • Kellogg's Special K Cereal (red berries & chocolate dipped w/almonds - $4.19/BOGO Free.       Used $1/2 IP from KFR site.  $.35 back for Special K & $1 for the Chocolate dipped. Net $1.84/2 or .92 each
  • Mooala Milk $2.99.  $1.00 back.  Net $1.99 (there's also an offer on Makeena, but I'm having trouble with the UPC.  Says "not a match", so I'm sending a ticket for the 100 pts + $0.50 back), that'll make it net $1.49.
  • Sreamin Sicilian Pizza $5.99 - Used $1 IP (sign up on their site) $1 back.  Net $3.99.

Whole Foods (all prices are with Prime discount).  Used a $25 GC (cashed out Fetch points), Paid $15.71 w/tax.  Got $12.60 back from Ibotta and $5.99 to Venmo.

  • Siete Carnitas & Chorizo Seasonings $1.79 x 2.  $.75x2 back from Ibotta.  Net $2.08/2
  • Siete Hot Sauce $2.69.  $1.50 back from Ibotta.  + $1 back from Aisle.  Net $0.19  (I *thought* the limit was 3 on this brand when I looked at the list, but now it says 1, so I'm not sure I'f I'll be getting $1 or $3 back)
  • Garden Of Eatin Blue Tortilla Chips 5 oz $2.69.  Used $1 IP (from grocerycouponnetwork).    $1.50 back + $0.10 Any Chips back.  Net $0.09
  • Back To Nature Cookies $3.41 x 2.  Used $1.50/2 tearpad q (I found this q months ago on a display).  $1 x 2 back.  Net $3.32/2 or $1.66 each.
  • Dave's Killer Bread $3.39 - $1 IP (printed from an email.  $0.40 back.  Net $1.99
  • 4th & Heart Ghee $8.99.  $2.50 back.  Net $6.49 (bummer the offer on Aisle is gone now!)
  • Amy's Soup $2.15.  $0.75 back.  $0.50 back on Makeena.  Net $0.99 (NOTE: Be careful when selecting, some types are a tad higher)
  • Rise Nitro Cold Brew $1.80.  $1 back.  Net $0.80
  • Fage Split Yogurt Cup $1.12.  $0.25 back.  Net $0.87
  • Koia Smoothie $2.25.  Used Free IP (this was I believe a text offer a few months ago?) $1. back for a MM.
  • 365WF Hummus $2.79.  $0.10 any hummus.  Net $2.69
  • (Not Ibotta) Theo's Mint Cookie Dough Bites $5.99.  TMF offer posted here, already received the $5.99 to my Venmo!


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Re: Whole Foods & Winn Dixie trip today 10/15/21

Deal Master

@MelissaR  great trip and it sounds like you really stocked up on what you needed.  Glad you did the Theo bites too!  Sometimes Aisle will surprise you and pay on the multiples.  Fingers 🤞 

Re: Whole Foods & Winn Dixie trip today 10/15/21

Deal Sharer

VERY impressive!!!

We have neither a Whole Foods or Winn Dixie here in Delaware…🙁

Feel like I am missing out…lol

Great shopping!  👍🏼