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Accept digital receipts, upload an image

Accept digital receipts, upload an image

I use walmart pay a lot. It's just so convenient and easy. I do my preplanning most of the time. But there's other times I'm on my way somewhere and I'm just stopping at a store for a minute. I wish this could be an added feature.

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I do to ..

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because of covid a lot of places are preferring to do digital receipts. 

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You can link your walmart account.

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Hi @LilLauraDee

Thank you for this very smart suggestion. I have passed this idea along to our Product team for further review.

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I use Walmart Pay for all my instore purchases.  I simply enter in the TC# and it shows me everything I bought with Ibotta rebates.

I contacted Walmart Customer Service asking them to allow, as an option, printing of a receipt.  I need a physical receipt for some other rebate apps.  I have printed it myself for some apps, but Shopkick won't accept it.

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I was able to finally link my account to ibotta after 4 tries of failure to link iit told me it was successful!  YAY!  Now... my question to the masses... After my account was successfully link to my walmart account I thought hey.. it's a good time to go online and order my delivery of walmart groceries now.  I placed my order, $237.36 worth of groceries that were just delivered to my door moments ago.  

My question to all is this:

How do I know what was included with ibotta in all of this?  My account is linked, what else must I do to get ibotta in on all my purchases?

Do I need to somehow send the electronic receipt  somewhere?  I'm confused that if I linked my ibotta account to my walmart account's just not automatic??  Why go thru the trouble of linking it if not?


---Totally Confused and Beyond with all this stuff...


I’d like to know the answer to this also

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What’s the status of the possibility to start accepting digital receipts?

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@mmoore01  if you pay with a penny 1st then walmart pay you will get a receipt

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this app is very difficult to use. You have to really want this. No idea where to see what I might have earned and where to upload receipt because walmart account did not link even though I received email saying it did.