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Accept online receipts

Accept online receipts

I shop in the store at Sam's Club.  However I checkout and pay for my shopping basket through the Sam's app on my mobile phone.  Once I pay a QR code is generated that the Sams employee scans before I exist the store.  This is a great time saver but the receipt is issued online only.  I can take a screenshot of the online receipt to to submit but it is always rejected by Ibotta.  Could you please consider implementing a way to accept online receipts?  Thank you

Rewards Hunter

I completely agree especially if they are stores where I can’t pay with Ibotta or link to the website.

Rewards Hunter

This is why I stopped using Ibotta.  We're a family of 9, so most of our shopping is done at Sam's.  The Sam's app is very convenient to use!  Not only that but with COVID this year, you'd think there would be more of an option for mobile receipts.

Rewards Hunter

Absolutely Essential, include scanning email account for receipts!!  Others do it quite efficiently.