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Access offers from the webpage not just the app - so you can print a list

Access offers from the webpage not just the app - so you can print a list

I'd like to use my larger computer screen to select the deals/offers rather than having to search them out on the phone - like many of the retailer loyality programs you can use either to do it.

I'd like to be able to print out a shopping list that has the items i want to get at each store on a shopping trip.  you can send the older kids out with thier part of the list in a store,  there isn't a way to have the app on all thier phones and consolidate the account like you can with the store loyality app  


Also use computer scanner to submit the reciept since that is easier to use and get correct since they took the option away to turn on the light in the phone.


Super Saver

Oh, YES! Kudos for suggesting this! 

I'd love to be able to activate ibotta offers from my web browser, too! You are correct. Most stores that have digital coupons allow BOTH options: phone app & web browser.

Printing the list is not of importance to me, but activating from web-browser is of TOP PRIORITY.

I hope this suggestion gets implemented ASAP! 

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I have to agree with adding access to the functions that are currently only available from the app. 

A scanner might be useful, but I would prefer using my webcam on my laptop.  How is this any different than taking a picture using my phone?

@Mark- I am sorry to hear you cannot turn on your flash on your phone.  As of today, my Ibotta app lets me turn on the flash when taking pictures of receipts.  I haven't checked ALL stores, but the ones I use most all allow the flash to be turned on.

In the meantime, you can select MANY of the rebates in the app by using the Chrome Extension and selecting Walmart Grocery Pickup & Delivery.  Most (not all) of the rebates are available for both Walmart in-store and Walmart Grocery Pickup & Delivery.

Rewards Hunter

...."adding access to the functions that are currently only available from the app. ...."  YES! 

Rewards Hunter

It is sad you can't have the same offers on the app and computer. I don't get why they don't. Turbo Tax is on the app but not on a computer??!!! How can I do my taxes on my phone?! I am over 40 and it's hard enough to see on my phone LOL

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I haven't any idea  how to use the chrome app to see/activate grocery offers where i go to the store and pick up the items rather than order them online.

My scanner is easier to use for scanning receipts,  especially long ones.  There are no lighting issues and no having to hold the phone focus or try to figure out  where the last image overlaps 

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I have discovered you can see offers sometimes using this link  too bad it doesn't have the ability to select the offers when you are signed in.

I think this community is just for the users to say stuff to each other rather than IBOTTA ever actually listening to what we have to say and responding as I very seldom see a response to anything ppl post if it isn't something that a staff started