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Add Borden milk to Ibotta offers

Add Borden milk to Ibotta offers


Hi?! I don't know about other states and other stores about the price on the Borden milk, but in my local Walmart the prices change during the week. Ibotta offers on Stonefield gallon of milk from Walmart but that brand of milk is nowhere to be found. But if Ibotta adds Borden milk gallon, that will be great to save money on milkπŸ‘πŸ™‚

Deal Expert

If you want to see an item added to ibotta you have to contact the company directly (go on the products website contact us section) and ask. When I wanted something added to ibotta they told me to do that and a few months later it was on ibotta.

Deal Sharer

Ohh thank you for the tipβ™₯️ that is great!!! I have several items that I usually buy that will be profitable πŸ‘