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Add Friends and Teammates without Facebook. Maybe via code/link?

Add Friends and Teammates without Facebook. Maybe via code/link?

It would be very nice if we could add teammates without using FaceBook. I try to stay away from anything facebook so making an account just for ibotta didn't seem worth it. It would be very nice though if you could add teammates without using FaceBook. Perhaps if people had a specific friend link sorta like we all have our own referral codes? Then you could just click another person's link or or input their friend code to add them add as a friend. Ibotta has come so far along with new features and great support, to me this is one of the areas they're lacking in. If they could add this feature it would be incredible. Thank you for listening!


I agree with you. I have been on ibotta for a while, but am not on Facebook. I don't want to create a Facebook account just for ibotta, but I would really like to have teammates to increase my earnings.

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That is a really good suggestion, and something our team is definitely hoping to improve! I will pass this along to our larger team. 😊


Awesome, thank you ScottyS!

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This is an awesome idea! I have a Facebook account but am trying to stay away from it during this stressful time so having another way to add team menbers would be great.

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This is such a good idea. I have Facebook but I prefer on only having friends and family in there and not people that I don’t know personally. So having to add other shoppers in a separate way would be very convenient. 

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If you do go on Facebook plz add me at Shanel Blackmon. We can grow friends together!


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I tell people about ibotta when I'm shopping and see that they are looking at an item that has a great ibotta rebate at that time. I show them how much I've received back from the app. BUT... it ends there. I think about giving them my referral code but unless they are willing to stop right there and install the app and enter my code it's a bit awkward. Nothing to write it down with and such. I have thought about getting cards printed with the info on it to give out to people.

Then I saw today that we have to be Facebook friends with them to get credit for the referral. That explains why I never get credit for anyone joining. Not very happy about it. At all. I am not going to add people to Facebook to get referral credit. Period.

I will continue to tell people about it. Just to help them out. But it's a real bummer.

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I totally agree.  I dont have a Facebook account.  I do have Instagram.  I dont plan on opening a Facebook account although I know Swagbucks gives out reward codes on Facebook.  Not enough of an incentive for me to join Facebook.  I hear too much negativity about people "unfriending" others due to differing views (be it political or social).  Sorry, just not my thing. Feel free to look me up on Instagram.  Same user name. 


I really hope this suggestion is implemented. I do not have or want a FB account. I would love to build a group of reliable teammates via code/email.