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Adding stores

Adding stores

How do youngo about suggesting stores to be added. ...and more pet stores

Deal Expert

You have to contact the store itself (this is what Ibotta tells you to do if you ask for certain things to be added on ibotta) and ask them to be on ibotta. I have requested a restaurant be on ibotta and a few months later they were on.

Shopping Enthusiast

PetCo and Petsmart are the only pet stores listed in the app, but there are six additional pet related retailers in the Chrome Extension:

  • Budget Pet Care
  • Canada Pet Care
  • EntirelyPets
  • Only Natural Pet
  • Pet Care Supplies
  • PetFlow

There could be more with names that don't have the word "Pet" in them. such as Chewy (it's on the list)

Here is a link to all the retailers available with the Chrome Extension:

Please note that this list may not be accurate as retailers are added/deleted all the time.