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ALL Item List

ALL Item List

I would like the option to scroll through all items in one comprehensive list that is not broken into categories. Often items are in several categories and it takes a long time to scroll through them all with all of the repeats. 

Rewards Hunter




Rewards Hunter

This is a great idea. 

Rewards Whiz

I always start my search at Dairy and just keep scrolling.  I haven't found any repeats when I do that. 

Deal Sharer

That would definitely be a time saver! 

Rewards Hunter

I usually just skip over to Dairy & Eggs as everything in the 1st four categories will show up again.

I think a "frequently purchased" would be nice.

Rewards Hunter

Yes! This takes me so long while in the store. I'm sure ppl think I'm on my phone messaging and not paying attention in the store! 😁 

Super Saver

Your idea is similar to an idea that I've suggested: that the app would allow us to view all offers for all grocery stores in one tap/scroll (or, "comprehensive list" to use your term), rather than needing to go to each grocery store one at a time to view available rebates (which I find to be cumbersome). 

Here's the link to the idea I previously submitted: IDEA: All Grocery Offers in one tap-scroll - Ibotta Saver Community 

Rewards Hunter

Hi, I am new at this and I keep scanning receipts and I haven't had much luck with any cash back. Can you tell me how ibotta chooses what to give coupon credits? Also, How far back can you use a receipt one week two weeks? Thanks for any help you can share.

Super Saver

Good questions, @Philo62.

To serve you best, let me suggest you ask your question by starting a NEW CONVERSATION thread. If you post your questions that way, more people will be cued in and likely to respond. 

Meanwhile, in a nutshell, let me mention a few details pertaining to your question(s):

1) Make sure you ACTIVATE the offers before scanning your receipt.

2) Before you purchase an item that you expect will be eligible, scan the barcode in the store to confirm that it is eligible AND that it's eligible from the store where you are making the purchase.

3) I believe ibotta allows one-week from the time of purchase, however, I recommend scanning/submitting it immediately if you know it contains eligible rebates because sometime rebates disappear without warning.