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An easy way to add existing members

An easy way to add existing members

They should make it easier for Ibotta members to join teams like a button to push. I still don’t know how to add existing members. Thanks 

Deal Expert

Your facebook friends that use ibotta are your teammates and a notification went out in the beginning of julyu that teammates aren't working they are trying to combine both and scotty an admin of this group put up a post search the name or november teammates that his post is the only place to ask for teammates


I certainly agree. I do not Facebook. Is there any other way to get teammates?

Shopping Enthusiast

Why do you want Teammates?  Only the four monthly bonuses use Teammates and they only help with the dollar amounts, you still have to buy the number of offers to get the bonus.  From my experience, if you need to get 30-35 items for $.50, you will earn the $20 needed for the other half of the bonus.

Now, when Ibotta fixes the teammate issue, I would like to see other ways for Teammates to work together towards additional bonuses.

The original concept was anyone who you referred to Ibotta would be your teammate.  As far as I know, this still works.  However, the Facebook interface does not always work and they are working to fix this.  I, too, do not use Facebook and have no need for it.


Thank you mmoore01 for clearing that up! I have been wanting to get teammates for so long thinking it will help with more than the monthly bonuses. I am so glad I finally joined the community and saw your post!

Rewards Hunter

Do you think that you could reach more team mates to add by playing Monopoly? I know last year Monopoly had complicated concerns about obtaining all the was after the Shutdown and delivery service/pick up was not practical.