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Bring back the any receipt rebate!!

Bring back the any receipt rebate!!

A quarter is a quarter!!


They were ever much, but I would love to see the any receipt again. Or even the any milk rebate haven’t seen that in forever

Deal Sharer

Oftentimes, since I'm trying so hard not often buying GMO's or processed foods, I'll buy $200 worth of groceries, none of which is a rebate. It would be great to have a little here and there for milk, eggs, produce, fruit, coffee, butter, etc. 

Deal Expert

Everyone doesn't get the same rebates and bonuses. I have the any item rebates.

Rewards Hunter

I have some any item rebates, but I haven't seen the any receipt or any milk rebates in awhile.  

Deal Sharer

Yesss some rebates on staples would be lovely! Milk, eggs, bread, cheese, rice, meat - remember the any steak rebate? 😍

Rewards Whiz

Rebate for milk, cheese, butter currently 


I get some of the any item offers, my problem is that the any item offers are mainly at big stores, when I generally get monster drinks, sodas, tea and such at convenience stores  . Unfortunately, most of the convenience store stuff is all alcohol, and we have the ABC store here in Virginia, so we can’t get wine and spirits at the major places the app selects. 

Deal Master

I had any item a week ago.  Shopkick has started offering and bread, and Swagbucks has a bunch of recent "any" products.  I did ketchup today at Shoprite and coffee today at Target when I bought bulletproof coffee.

Rewards Hunter

Just about all my “any items “ are of .10 value. Not complaining, just saying..  guess it’s could be region you’re in. I’m in Mississippi