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Categorize Rebate Items in Receipt Submission Procedure

Categorize Rebate Items in Receipt Submission Procedure

In finding rebates on the Ibotta App, I so appreciate having items grouped by category, ie Beverages; Frozen; Any Item, etc. Could this concept be carried over into the "receipt submission' part of the process?

The ibotta app doesn't always catch all of my qualified rebate items after uploading a receipt, so I then have to hunt for them. For some reason, they appear in random order rather than by category. If I enter a rebate into the search bar at the top, it brings the rebate up but only allows me to scan a bar code to see if it qualifies as eligible - it won't actually add it to my list of eligible rebates on my receipt. I frequently spend an excessive amount of time trying to find what the receipt upload missed. It would certainly make the receipt submission more efficient and less troublesome if the rebates were categorized throughout the process.


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My app is set up like you describe, with all the categories on the receipt submission page.  Also, if it doesn't catch an offer, I can scan a bar code and as long as I had already selected the offer, it will auto-populate to my list of verified offers.  Is your app up-to-date?  I use a Samsung Galaxy S10, and the app version is 6.86.0

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If you use the VERIFY MORE OFFERS, that shows things in categories

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Mine shows the rebates in random order. If it doesn't catch an offer, i type it into the search bar. It brings it up, but only lets me scan the item barcode to verify it's eligible. It does not add to my list of items found on my receipt. As far as I know, my app it up to date.

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Omg that is one of my biggest gripes! YES!