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Digital receipts

Digital receipts

Find a way to accept digital receipts! Especially now that a lot of stores are offering checkout via app. I keep getting digital receipts since they do not offer paper receipts in order to be no contact!

Deal Sharer

Ibotta! What’s the plan?! You may start to loose people if you can’t keep up!

Rewards Hunter

Ibotta customer service reviewed my complaint and credited my account for the $21!

Very encouraged that there are real people


That’s awesome! 

Rewards Hunter

Due to the pandemic, we have been using curbside pickup for almost all of our groceries and anything other store that offers it.  If there was ever a time for Ibotta to accept digital receipts and reward curbside shoppers, NOW is the time!  
Unfortunately Ibotta has failed to get on the curbside grocery / digital receipts bandwagon and has made itself less relevant.  Other rewards apps such as Merryfield and Fetch offer rewards for digital grocery receipts.  At this rate, I plan to cash out once I get to $20, and will use other cash back apps before I use Ibotta.

Rewards Hunter

Yes, It would be easier if you could upload any digital receipt as a pdf or image instead of having to print the digital receipt in order to take a picture of it. Thanks for trying to make this change.

Rewards Hunter

I agree.  I am a Publix loyalty member and get digital receipts and I prefer the no touch option. Shame on Ibotta for not implementing this during a pandemic.Very frustrating.

Rewards Hunter

Here we are in October 2021 and electronic receipts not only are out there but quite popular and save money.  Just stopped in to check and see if Ibotta had caught up or it was still not a good choice! I used it frequently before the likes of Fetch, Amazon Shopper and ReceiptPal.