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Digital receipts

Digital receipts

Find a way to accept digital receipts! Especially now that a lot of stores are offering checkout via app. I keep getting digital receipts since they do not offer paper receipts in order to be no contact!

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Status changed to: Investigating

Thank you for the great suggestion! Our team is actively working with our partners to identify opportunities to make this an option in the future!

Rewards Hunter

I totally agree and other reward apps do this.  Some just have a link set up, like Fetch and ReceiptPal, while others have you forward the receipt to an email (Swagbucks).




I agree. I often use the Scan and Go feature for sams club while I’m in the store and the only way to upload a receipt is by taking a picture of a paper receipt. I’d like a way to link my scan and go receipts. 

Rewards Hunter

I feel like I have been ripped off! I shop at Publix and bought several items to get the “reward”. I am a member of the Publix loyalty club and I only receive digital receipts. I uploaded my receipt on the app and was told it does not accept a digital receipt. I went back to Publix and had them print out a receipt but this was rejected because it was not the original receipt. This is total BS! A digital app does not accept digital receipts. This is a very poor customer experience and I am very disappointed. I lost my job and was hoping the app would help me stretch my very limited resources. Instead, I feel like you stole money from me! Shameful!


Totally agree. 
some retailers allow us to check out in an App on the phone to avoid long lines and all the receipts are digital

I have “lost” several rebates because I Ibotta will not accept the receipt. I tried getting them to print me one in the store and it won’t work. 
Also receipts fir online purchases are all digital. Not all have accounts that can be linked. 
we need this! 
Thank you!

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Are you talking about in store purchases or delivery?

When I purchase something inside Publix, I get a paper receipt when I enter my phone number on the screen.  I also get an electronic receipt sent to my account on Publix.  I have printed these receipts and used them for several rebate programs, including Ibotta.  I have never had anything delivered by Publix (InstaCart).

You can login to and change your setting to get BOTH a printed receipt and an electronic receipt.

By the way, Publix does not have a 'Loyalty' program.  However, they do allow you to set up an account for digital coupons based on your phone number.  Publix has never had a loyalty program.  You do not need to "belong" to get a special price in the store, only to access the digital coupons.

Rewards Hunter

Publix has a loyalty club and currently have people manning tables to get people to sign up. We can agree to disagree about meaning of a loyalty program.

Ibotta as a digital platform should accept digital receipts for rewards and coupon savings. The technology exists and forcing people to take pictures when they can upload a digital file is an inefficient process.

I feel like Ibotta has ripped me off and I am angry and disappointed over a very poor customer experience. 

Rewards Hunter

You can also email Ibotta support and ask that your digital receipt be accepted. This happened to me at a Walgreens when their receipt printer was not working and I had to get it digital only. Ibotta initially rejected and then I pressed and they ended up crediting me.



Wow! Thanks for sharing this! It is so frustrating that they do not accept digital receipts! On this digital age. I tried but never pressed them to accept it! 
Good to know.