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E reciepts for in-store purchases

E reciepts for in-store purchases

Wallgreens has went paperless

For 2 months now i havent gotten credit for purchases ive made instore unless i literally take a picture of the item and if the barcode and this is for every item and then screenshot my receipt through my email and even with doing that I don't receive my bonuses in time because the response time from the workers responding to my tickets are delayed due to the high volume of requests and I just gotten really discouraged and I have been contemplating on whether or not I should just get rid of my account.


So my idea would be for the option of e-receipts the accepted through email by adding an email account to the Ibotta account so there's credit for everything


@kctunender88  I sent 2 tickets and they are asking me to do the same thing.  It's not worth my time ( and by worth it I manage a hotel working 14 hours a tired)  to do all that considering I already spent the time doing it correctly the first time.  Not only that some of the products are already gone and disposed of.  I'm also waiting for 2 bonuses and from the looks of it I won't get either. Fetch scans your email and adds the credits automatically, Beyond frustrating for sure.


I dont understand why they respond to the ticket without forwarding everything you summit for the ticket and have to explain it twice and then they still dont understand 


If FETCH can do it so can ibotta come on now i feel like i should just make a new app for everyone so we can actually get all the cash back from all of the stores that they advertise on the extension pack and what's on the app what's the bonuses and it have personalized preferences on items and brands

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Walgreens decides what to do for redeeming not ibotta.I always get a paper receipt from walgreens. If you have a walgreens account you need to turn off e receipts to get them or ask the cashier for a regular receipt before your purchase.

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If you go into your account on Walgreens.,com, select Emails & Alerts.  Scroll all the way to the bottom.  The last entry is Digital Receipts.  If you uncheck this box, you will always get a paper receipt.

I have called Walgreens Customer Support and suggested they add the ability to get paper receipts AND Digital Receipts.  Places like Publix and Home Depot already do this.  Maybe if enough people call, they will consider it.


I would love the e-receipt Idea.... especially in regards to Walgreens.  I have requested a receipt and told them I am using my account and they say sure and then it won't print .... I have requested managers to refund my order and then recharge me the same price in receipts ... I have called their customer service and they keep saying it will change in 10 business days... well months later I am still waiting... it's not available on my online account.  So anything you can get to be able to go to walgreens would be great...

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So.... There's no way to summit an e-receipt? I grocery shop via Walmart pickup service because I'm disabled and unable to walk the store, any store. So what is one to do when your only receipt is via email?