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earn money for activity on community

earn money for activity on community

If we make suggestions or answer people, we should something. I haven’t seen anything for being a participant. You haven’t even given an extra bonus or anything for being here. How about community bonuses or you get an extra dollar on certain bonuses.

Rewards Hunter

I was wondering why there isn't a place on here to earn money back from WDG cause alot of ppl shop from there.

Shopping Enthusiast

I am not familiar with WDG.  What does this stand for?  What area of the country is this chain?

Deal Expert

@dino1209You get badges. they already give out rebates for grocery stores, online stores. gift cards, restaurants etc.  Why would they give money for this? They didn't give money to the facebook group. Be grateful for what they give because they do not have to give anything. They do not owe you anything.

Rewards Hunter

They do not give you and then re-read all the TOS fine print and all previous user complaints to learn in advance what you must do to earn any hope of them delivering as promised.

Shopping Enthusiast

I did not join the Ibotta Community to earn money.  I joined to get more knowledge about Ibotta and how I could earn more money with Ibotta and other savings apps and coupons.

I think if we earned money or points for simply posting, it would change the free exchange of ideas.  

Now, if there were surveys or extra stuff you could do here, maybe.

To @amr , 

You are right.  They don't give you anything.  I feel I work very hard to get the savings I get with Ibotta.  Is Ibotta perfect, no.  But it is pretty good.  I have been using Ibotta since June, 2015.  In that time I have earned plenty of money from Ibotta, Savingstar (RIP), Checkout 51,, Fetch and a few others.  

I hope Ibotta is able to fix the problems they have, with our help, and bring us more great deals in the future.

Deal Master

@Dana Oh wow - I agree 100% with you.  I participate in the community to share ideas with like minded individuals. I personally don't feel that I need to be "rewarded" in any way.  Sometimes people will use my referral codes and I greatly appreciate that - but at the end of the day, we are all trying to save money and get a great deal.  This community board gives us the opportunity to ask for guidance, point out good deals (thanks @mmoore01 ) and just chat a bit. I know some people like to hop on and complain, but that's their prerogative.  I always feel that people will complain MUCH quicker than actually say THANK YOU, or job well done. 


So far, I think Ibotta is great! Cash back on things I buy anyway? No brainer. An, I've referred many friends and family. Thanks Ibotta!!

Rewards Hunter

I agree