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Expand the Categories

Expand the Categories

I shop with Ibotta the most at Walmart.  It would be nice if the Categories matched the store.  I understand that every store might not be the same, but they are pretty close.  

When I get to the Dairy section, Ibotta works well.  But there is no Pantry section in the store.  I would like a Pasta section, Canned Goods, Breads.  Beverages could be subdivided into Coffee and Tea, Juice, Soda.  Snacks could be divided into Chips and Cookies.  Even Frozen could be divided into Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Meals and Desserts.

Once this is done, the app could allow the user to move the Categories into the order THEY want.  It could be different for each store.  That way I can put each store in the order in which I shop.

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The Wal-Mart, Jewel, Mariano's, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods in the Chicago area are each different. I've been told they are organized by each stores management. It's like playing in a scavenger hunt at each store, which also has different inventory by what sells best in each neighborhood. Can't imagine how Ibotta could capture that. 

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I use the Ibotta app in conjunction w the Walmart app. , then if I’m having trouble finding a product, I look it up& it tells me what aisle or if  product is not stocked in store 

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This is a great suggestion! I have passed this along to our team to take a closer look at the possibilities.