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Expiring Soon Offfers

Expiring Soon Offfers

It would be nice if you we could have a category called “expiring soon” or something similar when viewing offers in a store. This will be similar to the “new offers” category but just the opposite. it would be nice way to say which ones I need to potentially purchase first.

Deal Expert

The manufacture decides how many rebates there are and once the limit is reached it disappears it doesn't matter if it has an expiration date or not. This idea will not really work.

Rewards Hunter

I asked Ibotta this question too but no response yet. Can I shop at Walgreens online and still get the offers as the instore?. Cause when I click on Walgreens online no list of offers show up as the Walmart online does please help.

Thank you

Deal Expert

@Dimple  no walgreens in store and walgreens online are different. If you shop online you only get 2 percent of your total you spent minus taxes. Walgreens in store gives you each rebate. If you read the fine print in walgreens online it will tell you that.

Deal Sharer

It absolutely could work. They already mark offers as expiring soon. I’m just asking if they can be grouped together rather than seeing them in each particular group (ie, beverages, frozen). 

Deal Ambassador

@AlaneO that is a great idea! I look at expiring soon all the time on as well and is actually really helpful. Let us know if you hear back from Ibotta on that.

Deal Expert

@AlaneOnot all of them. A offer can expire with no warning at all so they will need to put every offer in an expire soon category