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Filtering out categories

Filtering out categories

Happy New Year!  I'm new to forums and not quite sure this is the correct place for this question but here goes....

When scrolling through the deals, is there a way to filter out categories that I don't want to see?  For instance, I don't need to see the Baby or Pet sections so if I could filter those out to not see them, I'd like to

Thanks & have a great day!

Super Saver

You submitted this  on the APP IDEA  board, and i hope your idea is accepted,  particularly for categories such as pet supplies.

Currently the only category that can be filtered out is Alcoholic beverages. That category can be filtered out from ACCOUNT > SETTINGS  > PREFERENCES.

Deal Expert

You do not need to post the same thing multiple times and your question was answered the other day. You can not but all you need to do is click on the other categories you do not need to scroll through them. Example click on breakfast it goes straight to it. 

Deal Sharer

Excellent idea! Even though you can click on individual categories, sometimes there's just a lot there you don't use. For example, I have all teenagers now, but it seems like the babies and kids category is the biggest on my list. Would love to be able to filter it out, since I don't use it. It might be petty to some, but honestly it would streamline it for many of us. I've saved almost $1000 in the last 4 months,  so I'm a heavy user of the app. It's something I would really find useful!