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Get credit by submitting similar offers

Get credit by submitting similar offers

Hi?! It appears Walmart dies not carry the items you have under the ibotta offers and it's depressing because there are similar items but not the actual item to get credit for. Can this be change? At least 50 cents for the unadvertised items that the store doesn't have or even better,  add a yes or no button on the item if the item is at the local store or not.

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I completely agree! 

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With close to 1000 rebates in Ibotta for Walmart, I know that SOME of the items are in MY store.

You have to remember that Ibotta is a marketing company.  The manufacturers and stores pay Ibotta to advertise their products.  Many times, the products are new and they may not have made it to all parts of the US yet.  

Yes, I know.  It is a pain when you look and look and can't find the product in the store, but sometimes that is going to happen.  

If you are having trouble finding a product in your store, you can use the Walmart app to see if another store might carry it.  Also, if you post the item you want, someone in the Ibotta Community might be able to help you find it (or grieve with you because they couldn't find it either).

One last comment: Walmart is VERY SLOW to introduce new products.  I usually see new products at other grocery stores weeks and months before Walmart has it.  Maybe that's just my store, but others have mentioned this to me before.

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Hi?! You might be right, with Walmart being a slow store🤦😌 


The product is : Special K blueberry, in which I'm dying to try because I am a blueberry fan🤩

The other product is Orgain kids protein bars💙

And the problem is I'm trying to minimize going to different stores because this whole pandemic era, so I only pick the closest store that has everything I need to prepare meals💙

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I have the reverse problem  WalMart is everywhere in my  IBOTTA but there isn't any walmart close to me so I seldom go to Walmart  I like to look at all the stores but would like to be able to not show the walmart only ones