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Gift Cards (formally pay with ibotta) more options

Gift Cards (formally pay with ibotta) more options

What’s the process for getting more options for gift cards we can purchase? Since these are cash back amounts, does the deal have to be struck with store itself? 

since these purchases count as a rebate credit for bonuses, adding some options for every day purchases that we make that aren’t ibotta related could boost ibotta use for those that struggle to find anything they need. The Walmart one is useful since I grocery shop there anyway so I can prebuy a gift card, get some cash back and a credit for things I need but there isn’t a rebate for. A lot of the options are things I’ll never go out of my way to use but I can think of a few that are not options that I would probably use a lot. Even if it was only like an any receipt .10 rebate + the credit as a rebate to your bonuses, you know?

Maybe even an add to your ibotta balance option so you can hit the thresholds to cash out/redeem gift cards?

My wishlist:

iTunes/Apple Cards

Deal Expert

I asked ibotta awhile ago to put on a gift card for a restaurant. They told me to contact the company and ask. I went on the companies website contact us section and asked. A few months later it was on ibotta. So go ask the companies about it. Amazon is a cash out option for your earnings.

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I’m aware that you can cash out to amazon. I’m looking to trade cash for amazon credit and get a rebate credit towards a bonus though. 

so are you saying to contact the company and ask that ibotta can sell us a gift card or that they add their gift card as a cash out option?

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Yes you have to contact the companies about it. That's what I was told by ibotta to do when I wanted to see something on the app.

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