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Have a special bonus for each $1k milestone you hit

Have a special bonus for each $1k milestone you hit

I have earned over $6k thru Ibotta and it seems the bonuses are much harder to reach for the more seasoned users. There shoukd be some incentive for loyal users.

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While I get where you're coming from, and receiving recognition with each milestone hit is super special, Ibotta may think the $6,000 or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,000, etc. you earned is enough of a treat/prize. The bonuses are rather tough for those with a lot less than 6 grand in rebates. Whenever there's a bonus, mine is always on the low end and high number of rebates. I'm still trudging along at $1600. I think it may be random. 

I totally agree. The bonuses get harder the more you use ibotta. It's very disheartening when I read that newer or less frequent users are getting the same amount of money for a lot less required offers. I know ibotta is trying to entice them to use the app more, but how about rewarding the frequent users instead of making them feel unloved. Milestone bonuses would be fantastic.