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Hide offers and stores I can’t use

Hide offers and stores I can’t use

I’d like to be able to “hide” offers I don’t need/can’t use so I won’t have to scroll through them every time. Example I have cats but no dog - so I’d like to hide the dog offers but still see the cat offers. 

it would also be helpful to hide stores not in my area. Ideally you could undo your hidden stores or items so if you travel you could reopen them. 

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Shopping Enthusiast

There is the Favorites option in Account.  It allows you to show your favorite stores.  There use to be another button at the bottom (Home, Favorites (?), Redeem, Earn More, Account) that use to show your favorite stores across the screen.  When this button was removed, the Favorites really aren't used, as far as I know.

I wish the Home Screen showed the Favorites, not the Recommended retailers.

Also under Account, under Settings, then Preferences and under Content, there is a toggle switch for Teamwork and Alcohol.  It should be easy to add items like Pets (Dog and Cat separated), Kids, etc so that you could hide these offers.