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Hide Offers/Bonuses

Hide Offers/Bonuses

Would like to have the ability to hide (not permanently delete) certain offers or bonuses on a case by case basis. There are definitely items that I know I won’t never redeem and I just think there should be a way to hide them so I don’t have to keep scrolling past them.

Conversely,  be able to unhide them again at will for review in the future.



Good idea! I have the same issues with the bonus that are on my list items. If there is a way to uncheck the items so you don't have to scroll for it. I too like to see that.

Super Saver


There is already a way to "uncheck" items you don't want listed.

Let's say that the offer you activated accidently is in Walmart.

  1. Go to Walmart (or any store) in the app.
  2. Tap the "your list" option at the bottom of the page.
  3. Tap the "edit" option in the upper right corner of the page 
  4. From there you can deactivate any offers you don't want listed/active.



@What-Shot Excellent! Thank you for a quick response. and for the tip. I'm glad I can finally remove the items that I don't need in my list. I appreciate you! Have a wonderful day!



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@MaryJhane  Game changer! Thank you for sharing this, I've been on the app for years and never noticed this was possible.


I would like certain categories to be able to hide like pets and baby and alcohol to not be listed because I don't buy those items ever... Or possibly be able to select vendors that I don't buy because say they only sell items that have almonds or nuts in them so we can block / no show certain brands.


@What-Shot Wow! Did not know you could deactivate items. You learn something new everyday