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Ibotta Customer Support - One request at a time

Ibotta Customer Support - One request at a time

There have been cases where I have had to open multiple requests to Ibotta Customer Support.  They were different transactions, different stores and for different reasons.  However, Ibotta Customer Support will work on BOTH requests, writing everything under one request and closing the other one.

I feel that this just confuses things.  In one recent case, the request they closed had all the attachments for the problem.  I had to open another ticket (with a reference to the old ticket), but it didn't have any of the conversation about what Ibotta Customer Support had already done.  That was all in the other ticket, which was still open and not resolved.  I also ended up attaching all the same documents to the new request.

I would like to suggest that Ibotta Customer Support work on one request at a time and document everything in that request, not another request.  It's hard enough to keep everything straight, but mixing responses back and forth under other requests just doesn't make sense to me.

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Status changed to: Investigating