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Ibotta pay debit card

Ibotta pay debit card

Pay with ibotta is not easy to use. I tried and was not able to get the cashier to do it. Could I suggest offering a debit card, or something, so we can "pay with ibotta" a little easier? I love that you can get cash back with the current feature, but it only works if you can have all the pieces come together. Plus, I was a bit embarrased that I could not get it to work as there was a line behind me.


So sorry to hear that as I have never had an issue with pay with ibotta ... i wonder what could have been the problem? I've breezed through PWI at Old Navy, Walmart, Home Depot, and lowes with no issues ... well only issue I have had is you can't use the self-checkout scanner at Lowes ... the cashier has to manually type the number in ... good luck using in the future 


I don't peronaly use pay with ibotta but I it would be cool if ibotta had a card that you could use your earning from and use the pay with ibotta aswell to make it Easyer. You could use your earning that you cashed out and you can use the pay with ibotta too that would be a cool idea

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I got this to work at Lowes and Home Depot. I had to tell them to give me the full total and scan the upc code and enter the pin as if it was a gift card and it works.

It has failed me though it seems to need wifi or a signal from ibotta to generate the code and it would be better over cellular if wifi isn’t available.


Possibly also train the stores that have your offers. Cashiers look at me like ‘deer in the headlights’

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I have to walk the Walmart cashiers through it everytime I use Pay with ibotta or a digital giftcard, lol. At Walmart, they have to hit enter, hit the Shop card button, then scan your digital giftcard. 


You actually can do it yourself in the self checkout. 

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This has happened to me at Chili's, twice, Applebee's, and CVS. Yes, quite embarrassing!

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I have had problems when there is no wifi or cell service.  To get past this, I would buy the gift cards before I left home and take a screenshot of it.  I would simply make it for an amount close to what I planned to spend.  When I get to the register, I scan the screenshot.

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I had an issue once. I never really figured out what happened. Neither did the cashier. BUT! I found that the amount I bought was still in my Walmart gift cards & I used it the next time I shopped there. So, I didn't get charged twice like I thought! It was all good! 😁


How do you use Pay With Ibotta at a self-can register?  Is it possible?

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Hi @Cfalkner

Thanks so much for this suggestion! I have passed this idea along to our Product team to further consider. 

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I have to agree with this! i have tried using adding my debit card, which is also my child support card i use the most to my account. It wont allow it.