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IBOTTA: Please Consider Revamping the Monthly-Level Bonuses

IBOTTA: Please Consider Revamping the Monthly-Level Bonuses

I have the impression that in the world of games & accomplishments, "completing a level" implies that you become eligible for a "Sweeter Deal" at the next level....a deal that would motivate you to press on.

But I don't see any type of motivational factor woven into Ibotta's monthly level bonuses:

  • Feb Level 1 = 50-cents for 35 offers
  • Feb Level 2 = $1 for 35 offers
  • Feb Level 3 = $2 for 35 offers

So it's clear that from level 1-3 the deals got a tad bit sweeter...but then this happens:

  • Feb Level 4 = $2 for 40 offers

Hmmm. The same payoff with heftier requirements? It appears ibotta is trying to discourage me, rather than motivate me.

For simplicity I would (at the very least) like to suggest the following:

  • Level 1 = $1
  • Level 2 = $2
  • Level 3 = $3
  • Level 4 = $4

Beyond that, if this monthly level bonus is to function as a motivation for shoppers, please consider making the deal sweeter as the levels go on.

Thank you for your consideration!

Deal Expert

it would really be great if Ibotta started giving you royalties (even if only 1%) for total earnings of referrals and at least your referral's referrals IN ADDITION to the one time head hunter fee

Shopping Enthusiast

I doubt ibotta will give out royalties.  That would make it a pyramid scheme.  I think that could get close to illegal.

Just my opinion, I am not a lawyer.

Super Saver

This app idea submitted by @Ibotta-Addict  is NOT about royalties, @RCKCreatEnt, Let's try to stay on topic so our comments are productive and not a distraction. You would be welcome to submit your own app idea about royalties if you are so inclined. 

Super Saver

Yes! I do like the idea of revising the month level bonus structure. It would be nice if it were more predictable (so you would have an idea if completing one would give you something better). 

Deal Ambassador

@Ibotta-Addict I agree with you and love the suggestion of $1,$2,$3,$4. Although I do think it's fun to have the anticipation of the "I wonder what my bonus will be" and then sitting down with my coffee in the morning and opening the app to see what surprises await" It would be nice to know the $ amount, and then the suprise is how many items will it be. Will it be only 10, or will it be a gazillion.

Super Saver

I agree the Level Bonuses should get progressively higher. I have never found them especially tempting to complete. If the cumulative $10 @Ibotta-Addict suggested is deemed too much of an increase, please still consider changing at least the Level 4 amount.  

Deal Master

@Ibotta-Addict @What-Shot I think Ibotta is restructuring their bonuses - I dont remember having a mid week and a weekend warrior EVERY WEEK - and we are pretty much getting them regularly.  Also, with the new In-Crowd bonus structure beta (to which many of us were left out in the cold both literally and figuratively), the bonus structure appears to be changing. 

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I have been thinking about the same.  What if ibotta had a progressive reward program when rewarding bonuses of course item requirements would be adjusted in kind. 

Skilled Saver

I never even pay attention to the level bonuses as they are a joke. 
i would love to see a progressive bonus system.