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IDEA: Enhance banner on FREE AFTER OFFER images

IDEA: Enhance banner on FREE AFTER OFFER images

When I started using ibotta, the FREE AFTER OFFER rebates were so much easier to spot because the superimposed banner was a bright color. The current white banners appear like camouflage. Any chance ibotta could enhance the text/banner to make them easier to spot when scrolling thru our favorite grocery app?

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Since the FREE AFTER OFFER labels are currently light gray, I feel as tho I'm playing a round of "Where's Waldo?" whenever I scroll thru my app. 

Rewards Hunter

Have the 'FREE' items pop up as notifications when you walk into a store-

Users can choose to turn off or leave on the 'Location Tracking' - but would be a HUGE help. Many people's issue with using iBotta at major retailers like say, Walmart and Target (where 99% of deals are), is that it's hard to remember when you're a busy person. I'd say a large portion of user base is busy moms, etc. so it feels worth it. 

I'm in marketing for an insurance tech company- we built an app and I know how valuable it is to have actual community's feedback on how usable app is etc. 

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I would vote who cares about the banner and just have a Free After Offer category.

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Oh! I got excited when my eyes decived me. I thought the word Idea was IKEA! Wow! But alas