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Integrate Community into App

Integrate Community into App

By merging the app with community , even if beta at first , this would save an extra step for everyone who already uses ibotta app . 


I was thinking this too! The app it self is so you can use it on the go! If the community was an app... we could share stuff while in a store!!


I agree!

Rewards Hunter

I was going to propose this idea, too. I’m glad I found your post. I think this would be a better way to have more involvement from members.

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I'm to blame as well. It's tough, when we've had the Facebook group that worked so well, and all of a sudden it becomes obsolete and we have to change. It's not a smooth transition, and extra tough when we were so enjoying the FB group. 

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This was asked a month ago when they announced this community in the facebook group. They are working on it. The facebook group is not going anywhere they decided to keep it but ibotta will not be doing anything on it anymore. Just the regular admins they've had that don't work for ibotta.

Rewards Hunter

When I got the email suggesting to sign up I assumed it was connected. Finding out it isn’t makes it harder for me to use as I don’t use a computer often for this kind of stuff so an app whether it be integrated into ibotta or separate would be easier. 

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Go into the ibotta app on your phone,  Tap on account (bottom right) and scroll down to Ibotta Saver Community.

It is integrated - I work from home so I use my desktop a lot, but when I'm sitting on the couch, I'm on my phone - best of both worlds.