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Items bought weekly

Items bought weekly

I WOULD LOVE TO GET COUPONS FOR THE ITEMS I BUY ON A DAILY/weekly basis. That would help a lot people struggling with this pandemic!!! It’s hard to use app if I don’t use the any items on there. I have been using app for at lest 6 years and have only earned $700,m.   

Deal Expert

This is not coupons this is rebates if you're looking for coupons go on the the items website use the contact us section and ask for coupons or go to coupons dot com and look to see if they have them. If you're talking about the rebates the manufacture decides what items get rebates and which store get them too, ask the manufacture to put them on ibotta but ibotta is for marketing of new items that the manufacture want people to buy. 

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@deltadawn  (I love that song)

I try to stack offers between digital coupons on my card, Ibotta offers and other apps..  Even though you may be brand loyal to certain products, sometimes it's worth it to step out of your comfort zone and try new items (for great prices).  We tried Kensington ketchup - with discounts and coupons (it actually ended up free).  It's a very thick, tomato flavored ketchup.  It wasn't an absolute hit - but I use it for cooking (mix into a meatloaf) instead of Heinz.  In other cases, I've tried various yogurt products for free or close to free and liked them a lot.  It isn't always about the total savings, it's just about getting by. I do a lot of CVS shopping and get a lot of free toiletries that way - so that's a good way to save money too.  

Where do you shop primarily - maybe we can give you some help as to savings.  As you can see, not everyone posts to the boards, but the more people who are providing deal savings, the more we all benefit.  I bought a ton of free cereal last week and am donating all of it (except for the 1 box that we opened).  It's all about stocking up when the deals are good (not even great).