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Make all rebates available

Make all rebates available

Why is it that walmart has the best rebates. I been with you all for six years. And hate that I have to go to more than one store to get the rebates. I shop mostly at Jewel/osco and walgreen. And walmart has the better rebates. The stores all mostly sell the same stuff so why not do it where all stores have it. I know most of the rebates have more than one store showing it has it. But when I compare the walmart vs jewel rebates. Walmart has more. But I don't really like shopping at walmart.

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Ibotta is a marketing company.  They offer rebates that manufacturers pay for.  In addition, retailers have a say of where the offer is made available.  Ibotta doesn't make the decision on what the offers are or which stores you can buy from.  These types of things are part of the contracts that others sign with Ibotta.

For better or worse, Walmart is the largest grocery chain in the United States.  

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Unfortunately this isn't something we really have control over. As mmoore01 mentioned, the manufacturers pay for those offers to be there, and Walmart is in fact the largest retailer in the country. Depending on where you live and which stores are marketing which products, those are the main factors in which offers you see.

Thank you for the suggestion though! It's always nice to hear feedback.

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Even though Walmart has a good deal with IBOTTA  - i don't have a walmart near by so i don't go to walmart,  It would be nice to see some deals made by IBOTTA with manufacturers that work for "any retailer"