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Make the Ibotta App more Robust

Make the Ibotta App more Robust

This may not be a problem for most Ibotta users, but those who use Ibotta on phones with limited resources, such as available memory, can have major issues.

When I first started using Ibotta, I had a android phone with only 8 gig of memory.  Many times, memory resources would get so low that functions in the app would not work.  Sometimes, I would take a picture of a long receipt and when I got to the third picture, the app would reset and I had to start all over.  If I tried to go through Ibotta to an online merchant, the connections would be lost and Ibotta would have no record that I purchased anything.

In each case, the Ibotta app would not display any warning or error message to let the user know there was a problem.

I believe it is the app's responsibility to check if enough memory (or other resource) is available before requesting for that resource.  If it not available, then let the user know.

Ibotta Customer Support is already swamped with requests.  They don't need these types of problems.

My solution was to buy a new phone with more memory.  But the problem wasn't resolved.  As more and more features get added to Ibotta, the more likely this will happen again.


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Deal Ambassador

Try closing all the open apps on your phone you are not using while shopping. I previously used a phone with 4GB running Android 10 with no problem. Only when I had 4 or more apps open did I run into issues.