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New product deals

New product deals

  • When a completely new product comes on the market and there is a "deal" on Ibotta, could Ibotta make a New Product Category instead of adding the deal into corresponding category (i.e. new low sugar ice cream in stores- this would be placed in frozen, instead of doing that make a New Product Category and place item in that category) this way all of us deal hunters know that this is a completely new product and don't just scroll over it thinking it is just a product we don't use
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Deal Sharer

Maybe I'm a weirdo but I like the hunt of finding those higher value and new release items in the store searching.

In my experience lots of frees, BOGOs, best value, whatever sorted items get missed in those groups anyway.

I regularly find BOGO and 50% off items scrolling through the 'body' of the stores offers that aren't tagged in the groups.