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Offers & stores

Offers & stores

It would nice if all offers were available to be redeemed at all stores, unless it was a store brand offer. Example: I have an offer that is only redeemable at Harris Teeter (local grocery store) but not at Walmart.

Rewards Hunter

Yes, it would be wonderful for all items to be for all stores. 


I have never seen any store brands listed, aside from the any offers 

Deal Expert

the manufacture decides what stores get what rebate you have to contact the company and ask to put it at a store

Rewards Hunter

So often WalMart gets more offers than all other stores but most often they don't even carry the items. I've found items online at Walmart com and ordered them only to have Walmart cancel the order because it's not available. If I hadn't already bought the item from another store I'd wonder if the item was real lol.  It's frustrating to work so hard to earn an offer with a bonus only to realize it's never able to complete