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More common offers. Most of the offers I don't use or buy 

Super Saver

@MamaMax Have you looked at different stores?  The number of offers vary greatly by store.

Deal Expert

If you want to see certain things on ibotta go to the items website that you want go to the contact us section and ask. Ibotta is for marketing and they put up what the manufacture wants ibotta has no control over it.

Rewards Hunter

I agree.  Most items on Ibotta I do not use. Then things like generic milk we get only 10cents back.  I mean come on.

Shopping Enthusiast

If you want to shop like you always do, you won't save much money.  However, if you are willing to try new products and combine Ibotta with other apps and coupons, you can save a lot of money each month.

If you create a shopping list each week of what you need to pick up, you will buy the same stuff every week.

Start with Ibotta and make a list of items you MIGHT be willing to try.  Then add the items you need.  You may find that you like a new brand better than your old brand.  And if you don't care for the new brand, you haven't spent that much money on it.

Don't buy items just because it is in Ibotta.  Manufacturers don't want you to not try it.  However, I will buy a Free After Offer deal in Ibotta since it costs me nothing to try it.

I see it on the posts all the time:  Why don't they offer regular items?  Well, you need to be more specific.  What is regular to you may not be regular to anyone else.  

Remember, Ibotta is a marketing company.  They advertise deals that manufacturers want.  If you want your old boring products to be advertised, then contact the manufacturer and tell them about Ibotta. 

Rewards Hunter

I also feel the same way. A lot of the rebate offers are not always something  a household  use on a daily basis.  I suggest maybe a specific  brand of eggs, milk,juice, bread, cheese something that we would  enjoy running  out to the store to get


On the other hand, we've been able to try some products we normally wouldn't have with decent rebates. Sometimes even with stackable coupons!