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Online Receipts

Online Receipts

I see this has been mentioned before - but I'm going to mention it again! There has to be a way for you to allow the acceptance of online receipts!!!!  Due to the pandemic, so many people are doing all their shopping online, including groceries.......and ibotta has not made it possible for us to claim our deals with online receipts! It is so frustrating!!

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If you go to the grocery pickup section of the app main screen scroll down you will see the stores you can link with so you can do a pick up order and/or delivery order after you link click on what you want to buy 1st then go to your store and make your order.

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I look at it differently.

Why doesn't stores like Walmart and Target and any other store that does Online purchases give you a receipt that looks like it came from the store.  Why does the process have to change?  Why can't the stores use the same format for Online purchases.  It seems it would be easier for them.  And easier for us.

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  • I’m having that Same problem trying to enter a sams club Receipt since I you scan and go
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I linked my HEB online account on my phone. Downloaded the extension on my chrome browser and bought my groceries through HEB with the extension enabled. When I opened my app, it shows items suggested for me based off my order from HEB, but its telling me that I need to link an account. I already did this and am very confused. How do I submit this and redeem my eligible cash back items??

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Hi there @tappymeg

This is a great suggestion, and I've notified our team to look into it. 

What specific retailers would you like to see added? 

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, you can do online shopping, but my problem is that I try to cut back on my trash and that includes paper receipts. I shop in-store still, but use Walmart Pay and Sam's Club's Scan and Go. Any time I'm offered to have my receipt emailed, I do so. I wanted to use this app again, but half the items I bought were done using Sam's Scan and Go and it turns out that I cannot redeem a single item that I purchased. 

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Same issue. Stores are requesting online receipts to cut paper. I use online receipts for CVS and shop weekly. I would love to be able to easily link my CVS number  but no option in ibotta. How do we do Online receipts if linking is not an option for some stores?