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Other Options for Phone Verification

Other Options for Phone Verification

Phone verification is extremely difficult since once you lose that number you no longer have access to it. 

Ibotta should implement a better method to be able to change the number automatically instead of a customer contacting customer service which can take weeks for a reply.

A verification page where you enter the former number and use a verification method such as sending an email with the code to verify they are the account holder and be able to change the number and have to verify it from there.

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I think I know what you mean, but the multiple references to "number" got me confused.  I believe you are saying, if you no longer have the phone number that is on file with Ibotta, phone verification doesn't work.

Many other systems allow you to choose how to verify, such as email or phone.  Maybe that would be better.

I think it would be helpful if your phone number in Ibotta was:

  1. Displayable
  2. Changeable

Sometimes when a new user signs up, they enter in the wrong phone number, by accident.  But they can't even see what they entered after signup.


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Please help me...i need to update my account info and I no longer have access to my old phone number or my old email...can anyone tell me what to do