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Pending Rebates

Pending Rebates

It would be nice to see what is “pending” when it comes to rebates. If I am working on a bonus and it is time sensitive, it would be cool to know how close or not close I am while waiting for the account to be credited. 

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Not every rebate shows pending. If you bought an item in the bonus time frame once it goes through you will get it counted for the bonus even if the bonus expires.


I agree that would be a nice feature.  I'm new to the app, and it's a little frustrating not to see it.  I don't want to over buy thinking that I still need X amount of rebates to hit my goal.  It would also be helpful to see which items you purchased that are not showing up as a "pending rebate" so that you can open a help ticket for it.  For instance, I purchased enough items on 1 WM grocery delivery  to hit my goals but only some of them were credited to my account.  I now have to sit and wait hoping that they will credit. 

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I agree that you cant see your pending transactions , you would like to see that you get the credit for transactions and so you don’t have to worry that you did it correctly