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Please add "in-app" phone number change or edit

Please add "in-app" phone number change or edit

I have been having some trouble with verification of my phone number (for purpose of purchasing some gift cards). Like so many others during this pandemic, I have been forced to choose necessities over luxuries. Hence, I have discovered that I really can live without my cell phone (which was my listed number). Then I submitted a ticket to have it changed to my landline....waited about a week. To make a long story short, my verification call came through one time on my landline for a gift card purchase but not since then. 

If Ibotta users were able to edit their own phone numbers instead of having to wait upwards of a week for support staff, that would not only increase user satisfaction but also increase support staff productivity. 

Deal Expert

Put in a faceboko message on the ibotta page it's quicker just a few hours instead of a week

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I tried Facebook no answer they need phone support or at least a way edit our phone numbers.