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Previous purchased/used deals automatically added to acct

Previous purchased/used deals automatically added to acct

Not sure how involved this would be to do but was thinking that if your account shows you have previously purchased/used a deal that it would automatically be added to your deals, instead of having to re-add the deal everytime

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Deal Master

@Tluvs2save  There is a category for Buy Again - but it would be nice if it repopulated on it's own.

Rewards Advocate

I had that happen last week on CO51. When I got home, it showed 0 remaining. It reset today and I was able to scan my receipt from 6 days ago and I got credit for all 3 bottles of lotion making them free. I also noticed the Purex reset for $2 back.

Deal Sharer

It takes quite a while to go through each store to add new offers and quite a few have sub categories that you have to scan through as well. It would be nice if  new offers were automatically added to your list. Maybe you could send an e-mail to notify shoppers of the new offers that were added. The app is very slow after I have gone through the list in one store and it seems to slow down  as each page goes by. It is also very power hungry and heats my phone quite a lot. Being able to manage your list on your desk top  certainly would be handy.

                    Thank You,

             Richard Shellhammer