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Printable item lists!!

Printable item lists!!

I would love to have the ability to print a list of the items I’d like to redeem as a reference for when I’m shopping.

Some stores it can be hard to get a signal in and by having a printed list, it would help expedite my shopping. I’ve been typing up or creating a list online with the store I’m headed to, but that can be very time consuming. 


I just make a note on my grocery list of items that are on ibotta and stick a post it to my list telling me what size and how many to buy. 

Rewards Hunter

I would love this option! I have several workarounds, creating a list for the store, handwriting a list and putting an asterisk next to the ibotta items, or putting a list in the notes on my phone and marking the ibotta ones -  but it would be ideal if you could 1) make a trip specific list (I have all kinds of items checked that I may not be looking for on a specific trip) and 2) print that list out - the wifi/cell service is hit or miss in some stores 


I use the screenshot function on my device. Hope this helps.

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I have this trouble all the time in our Walmart. Then I can write all my other items on my print out. 

Rewards Hunter

I have been wishing and asking for this option for a long time. It would make things so much easier since a few of my stores have really bad service

Deal Master

The problem with using the ibotta list to print is that it likely could not print all the details out that tells you the specifics.   I have this problem with Kroger when I try to print a list.    If the ibotta details are part of a scroll bar or similar, it may not expand when passing the details to the print image generator.

I think ibotta needs a lot of  money to invest in their computer folk.   Some things that seem like a simple fix, may actually be a 9 month project costing $200,000.   Or it may be 10 times that.

That being said, I would like such a feature.   I always use my phone and scan every item at the store, but I would like to be able to print as well.  Great suggestion.

Rewards Hunter

I agree! I try to make a list myself but would love the option if printing "my list" from the app itself. With so many offers it's so easy to miss one and in my area it's difficult in some stores to get the app to connect.

Rewards Hunter

Since I use several coupon apps, I add initials to any item on my handwritten list indicating when app has the deal. I try to add any specifics (size, number to purchase, limits, etc.) to the item as well  




A printable list would be so awesome! 


I, too, would like this feature - which Ibotta used to have when they had a website in addition to the app.  I also have a terrible time with the internet in stores and always have trouble accessing Ibotta.  When they had the print feature I would do it by store, which is really helpful because many offers are limited to certain stores.  I can't tell you how many times I have bought an item at the ONE store in my area where the rebate was not valid because I couldn't double-check while in the store, or I bought the wrong size because again - I couldn't check.  Currently, I write out a full list for my Ibotta items with the first column being Walmart, then I put the other stores across the top and a checkmark for the offers which are valid at the other stores as well.  Items only valid at the non-Walmart stores get added in their columns.  I do this every other week, with a recheck for new or expired offers in-between.  It's a lot of work, yes, but after spending all that time adding my offers I want to make sure I don't miss something.  By the way, I have been using Ibotta since January of 2015!